Welcome to the Borreboda Pottery

Hand-thrown items in stoneware or earthenware
On my farm not far from here, I have a pottery workshop during the winter. I design, throw pottery and take in groups on courses. My ambition is to produce beautiful and useable pottery, with the emphasis on use.

Take your mug home
I like simple and original shapes. Decoration is often etched or painted, sometimes with small speckles that make you glad. So when you drink your breakfast coffee or tea it will be from one of my “be happy cups”, If you like it, buy it to take home.

2 km south of Töreboda. From Skövdevägen (the Skövda road) take off towards Borreboda 1. Travel towards Lövåsen (two signs) and you will see my white house with the sign Borreboda Krukmakeri – you have arrived.